Black Turmeric - India
Black Turmeric - India
Black Turmeric - India

Black Turmeric - India

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There's flavored teas and then there's flavored teas. This is nothing short of a perfection: the well-thought balance between the light black tea and healthy turmeric bits create a partnership that is hard to beat! The tea contains only those two ingredients, no artificial aromas or flavor enhancements. Only the real deal: whole turmeric bits that are organically cultivated in the same farm as the tea, so they have been grown in the same terroir, what could be better? 

Turmeric has a myriad of health effects. Turmeric has a sacred roll in the Indian culture and is used extensively in ayurvedic medicine as a therapeutic tea, as it's strengthening the overall energy of the body. It is considered an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and it's deserved its place as one of the most healthiest and effective spices in the world.

Tasting notes: Nilgiri Black tea flavored with traditional Indian turmeric. Very flavorful and talentedly composed black tea where the aromas are in perfect balance! 

Process: Orthodox method, organic farming with Indian organic certificate, hand-picked two leaves and a bud, carefully withered, wood fired. Whole leaves

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 95C for 1.30 min

Origin: Single Estate Neelamalai, Nilgiri Mountains, India. Farm size appr. 2 ha.

Altitude: 2000m

Picking: 31.10.2017

Best before: 31.10.2019


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Sisältö: Mustaa maustettua teetä, jossa kokonaista kurkumaa
Innehåll: Svart te smaksatt med hel gurkmeja