Emerald Green - India
Emerald Green - India
Emerald Green - India

Emerald Green - India

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This delicious green tea has a juicy aroma of ripe fruits and nuts. Even though it is a steamed green tea, the steaming process has been done by a slow-process, meaning that the toasty and sweeter aromas have time to develop. Truly an amazing taste!

Tasting notes: Fresh green tea with smooth nutty and toasty flavors, asparagus, aromatic nuts and sweet stone fruits

Process: Orthodox method organic farming with Indian organic certificate, carefully withered, slowly steamed, two leaves and a bud, rolled and dried. Whole leaves

Brewing: 1,5g tea / 1 dl water, 75C for 1.30 min

Origin: Single Estate Neelamalai, Nilgiri Mountains, India. The farm size is appr. 2 ha.

Altitude: 2000m

Picking: 31.10. 2017

Best before: 31.10.2019


For Finnish customers:
Sisältö: Vihreää teetä
Innehåll: Grönt te